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The biggest challenge nearly every veteran and first time authors faces is publishing their work. To begin with, its very costly to publish and it brings down the marketing part of a book. If you have heard of free publishing before, guess you here to know more about it. If you haven’t, then don’t worry, every aspect of free book publishing will be covered in this article.

So what’s free book publishing? This is simply a case where a book writer incurs minimal or no publishing costs to have their book published. Traditionally, writers would publish their books by themselves. In this case, they covered all the publishing costs on their own.

This was pretty expensive even for veteran writers. For the case of upcoming writers, it was even worse as most of them lacked financing. Free book publishing companies were established to take the burden of publishing off writers. This initiative has helped most writers be successful in their careers

How Does it Work?

The first step of understanding how to publish a book for free is understanding how it works. The constant in this case is a complete manuscript of a writer’s book. Before you consider free publishing for your book, you must have completed writing it. You should also write a preview for your book and a description of yourself.

You then submit your books preview to a free publisher who publishes it. The publisher will be a partner owner of your book. They may sell for you the book or allow you to sell it yourself. You will earn money on your book through royalties.

Your book may be sold as an eBook or a physical book depending on the target market. Most free book publishing companies have book sellers as their partners. They publish the books and give the sellers to distribute either online or offline.

In case your book is sold by the publisher or their partners, you will be entitled to a royalty of around 30%. 70% of the sales is retained by the publisher to cover the costs of publishing.

You can also purchase copies of your book from the publisher and sell them as printed books or eBooks. You will purchase the copies at writer’s price which is always much less than the wholesale price. For any sales you make on this books, you will keep 100% of the sales.

Why it is important?

Free book publishing is very beneficial to the writer in more than just a few ways. To begin with, it takes the burden of publishing away from the writer. Thus it makes it easier for them to make a loving out of their work. More so, it helps writers develop their careers.

By learning how to publish a book for free, writers are able to save the money they would have used in publishing. As a writer, you can redirect this funds to other initiatives that may boost the success and sales of your books. You can use this money to finance the marketing of your book both online and offline. This will see to it that more people buy your book and your earning increases.

As a writer, you may not see this success if your work doesn’t reach people. For it to reach people, it has to be published. Knowing how best to publish your work will guarantee you the success you are so determined to get.

As you look for free book publishing companies for your book, you should know what to look for. As a writer the book is largely yours and therefore you must benefit from it. I’m sure that now you are acquainted with how to publish your book for free.


Largely, free book publishing has brought a positive impact on to the writing arena. The veteran writers are getting stiff competition from emerging writers who would have been locked out by financial barriers. All of this is good for the readers as they will receive the best of quality from writers.

The competition has been good so far, as even the writers themselves have something to celebrate about. Ebooks have made books so affordable and easily accessible. Now writers are earning more as more people can afford to read.

It is important for any writer to put in deserved effort into marketing. This field should not be neglected no matter what. Try diversifying your marketing strategies and you won’t believe how far you will get.

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