Discover the Top Publishing Companies on the Market

top publishing companiesGetting your book published in our competitive economy might be extremely hard, therefore you need to know the top publishing companies present on the market, because they can help you stay on top of other writers who want to get their books published. Since Amazon released their breakthrough Kindle eBook reader, publishing has radically changed. More and more people have come to focus on writing eBooks rather than paperbacks and hardcovers. However, whatever the case, you need to know which are the top book publishing companies on the market, and you need to learn how to get them to accept your manuscript.

Top Publishing Companies

The book publishing industry has expanded extremely much lately, because it is populated by hard-working and intelligent people who are keen on turning their passion, which is printing, into a great and rewarding job. People working at John Wiley, Penguin, Oxford University Press, Dorrance Publishing, Bantam Books and Random House might enjoy even more the job they’re doing, because their companies are among the top book publishing companies today. Even if there are hundreds of publishing corporations all across the United States, there is no doubt that some are way more experienced than others. If you want to break new ground with your book, it is imperative to choose a company that is among the best. The following have the highest rating on and are considered some of the best among all publishing companies today.

1. Random House

This New-York based corporation is the largest trade publisher nowadays. The company is extremely good reviewed by publishers who used it in the past. Legendary names such as James Joyce and Philip Roth are just a few of those top-notch authors who improved this company’s image.

2. Oxford University Press

This company is probably the oldest ever, dating from around 1500. Oxford University Press offers its services to everyone who wants to promote his book at a reduced price. The positive work environment combined with a strong position in the industry helped this huge corporation to become extremely famous.

3. John Wiley & Sons

This company located in New Jersey has published the work of over 400 Nobel laureates from all over the world. There is no doubt that John Wiley & Sons is a top publishing company today.

4. Dorrance Publishing

One of the oldest independent vanity press from the United States. Based in Pittsburgh, the company boasts with heavy names, such as A.R. Ammons, who the National Book Award in the early 1970. This publishing house has been reviewed by thousands of clients and specialists, and most of them rated it with 5 stars out of 5. If you want to work with a good and cheap company, working with Dorrance Publishing might be the best decision you could make.

5. Bantam Books

Another reputable publishing company you would love to work with. Bantam Books is owned entirely by Random House, therefore it offers the same exquisite services. Bantam Books has published the original novels based on the movie Star Trek. This publishing house worked and works with reputable names, such as Tracy Hickman, James Dobson, Adam Smith and Alan Rodgers, just to name a few.

Things to Consider Before Entering the Book Publishing Process

Now, after we have studied some of the top publishing companies, it is time to see how you can make them accept your book without breaking your budget. If you want to be hassle-free and to have the peace of mind your book is in good hands, you need to know how to impress your publisher.

First and foremost, you need to think about your motivation and why have you written the book. Think about whether the book is really good done, or you could have wrote it better. Do you feel confident in yourself? Do you understand the rules of publishing a book? Before chasing for a certain company or agent, a self-reflection is a must.

The second thing you need to consider is the area you are writing for: fiction or non-fiction. This aspect is extremely important, because novelists usually follow a more complex path to publication. A publisher will always inquire about this aspect.

The third thing you need to remember in your book publishing process is your manuscript. Here is where you need to make sure that it has no grammatical or spelling errors, flows well and is free from errors. Moreover, try to use as many vocabulary words as you can, because they will enhance your book’s value.

How to Get Your Book Published With Ease

After you thought about all that, it is time to convince an editor to take a look at your manuscript. The truth is that you will never get your book published if you randomly send out draft copies, because they will most likely go straight into the garbage bin. In the same manner, no publisher is impressed if you’ve printed your book professionally or you’ve chosen an expensive cover. Every publisher requires you to follow his submission guidelines, which usually starts with a query email or query letter.

In order to convince one of the top publishing companies that your book deserves to be under their aegis, you need to demonstrate that you have a lot of visitors and fans on your Facebook, Twitter or other social websites. Moreover, if you have a radio show, TV show or blog, you will have to prove the publisher that you give other writers a run for their money. If you aren’t willing to promote your own masterpiece, you can be sure that no publisher will promote it instead of you.

Remember to never query by telephone, because your efforts will certainly fizzle out. Moreover, never visit an agent or editor without being invited. Always use an email or a letter, because it is more professional. After you choose the most suitable company for you, it is time to give up a lot of control and power. The publisher will usually decide upon the cover, title of the book, the format and the price. You might need to change things that you think are right, but in the editor’s eyes, they are mistakes that have to be avoided. Working with top publishing companies will easily get you two steps ahead of other writers.

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