Top 7 Book Publishing Companies in Boston

For a city that annually holds ““One City, One Story,” Boston, Massachusetts is the place to be for an aspiring author. Renowned for its penchant for literature, literacy, and new ideas, this one place easily imbibe a book culture so deep it is ingrained in one’s bones. Notwithstanding the hundreds of book publishers in Boston, literary agents also thrive in the area to assist both first-time and struggling authors to realize their lifelong dream of putting their books on shelves across the US and the globe, whether online or offline. To give you a background, here are the top book publishing companies in Boston to consider:

Known by others as Pearson Custom Publishing, Addison-Wesley is one of the most renowned Boston book publishers when it comes to educational books and printed materials. Not only does Addison-Wesley specializes in the publishing of textbook, it also boosts learning programs in various academic principles in the form of editorials, database publishing, content development, textbook design, e-books, custom online book-building, and high-tech media solutions in higher education in various English-savvy teaching markets globally. Though literary agents in Boston can be handy, you may send a detailed proposal to the publishing company directly.

Areas of interest are education, Biology and microbiology, anatomy and physiology, criminal justice, psychology, engineering, health and kinesiology, IT, arts and humanities, physics and astronomy, and many more.

2. Beacon Press
One of the oldest book publishing companies in Boston, Beacon Press is an independent publisher that deliver both fiction and nonfiction literary items that promote diverse philosophies on fundamental issues. This makes the publishing company one of the favorites by renowned and struggling book authors. The best way, however, to send a proposal is by reaching out to a reliable Boston literary agent as competition can be fierce.

Areas of Interest: current affairs, history, education, political science, religion, African-American studies, and many more.

3. Harvard Common Press
One look at this Boston book publishing firm and you might think – medical or educational books. But no! Harvard Common Press is one of the award-winning Boston book publishing companies that deliver first-rate trade books, particularly in the areas of childcare and parenting, and cookery. For aspiring authors, food critics, chefs, and childcare or parenting experts, this is one haven to rely your literary prowess upon. You may send in your proposal by closely following its posted guidelines or by seeking out a trustworthy literary agent.

4.Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
With more than a billion in annual sales, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt is one of the most sought-after book publishing companies in Boston that deliver premium children books and a range of equally first-rate fiction and nonfiction adult books with the prowess of renowned authors like Virginia Woolf, C.S. Lewis, and George Orwell. Founded in 1832, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt is also considered the oldest publisher in the world. Send in your manuscripts directly to the link provided on their website or find a literary agent.

5. Pauline Publishing House
When it comes to authors with concentration on Catholic culture and spirituality, the Pauline Publishing House, a subsidiary of the renowned The Daughters of St. Paul, is considered one of the most prominent Boston book publishers serving the US as well as in English-speaking Canada. It has a dedicated editorial department that handles manuscript submissions from authors on specific areas of interest namely, faith and spirituality, prayer help, spirituality, and Catholic culture.

6.Shambhala Publications
For authors that aim to educate readers on mindfulness, green living, and various aspects in everyday living to reach enlightenment, Shambhala Publications is one of the popular book publishers in Boston that offers a range of services to realize your dream. Areas of interest include Buddhism, arts and crafts, creativity, natural health, martial arts, yoga and Pilates, eco-living, and many more.

7. Hachette Book Group USA or HBG
Boston-based book publishing Hachette Book Group USA is quite renowned for its acquisition of the Time Warner Book Group. Also known as HBG among publishers and authors, this is one of the most preferred book publishing companies in Boston for its reliable and straight-cut dealings in various literary categories. Areas of interest include fiction, science fiction, non-fiction, business, children’s and teens books, adult books, mystery, and health. It also deliver audio books and e-books.
In addition to the top 7 large-scale Boston book publishing companies, these two other book publishers are also worthy to be mentioned:

*Racemaker Press, Inc. is one interesting Boston book publisher that specializes in both adult and children books with concentration on automobiles, speed, engines, and anything on wheels. If you are an ardent aficionado for speed and engines, and had devoted half of your writing prowess cataloguing the best vehicles in the world, Racemaker Press Inc. is considered one of the best Boston book publishers that you can depend upon.

*David R. Godine, Inc. is a unique Boston-based book publisher both in its size and offering. A publisher of Black Sparrow Books, it prides itself in delivering topnotch books from categories ranging from fiction and non-fiction, Judaica, music and food, nature and gardening, poetry, history and biography, and many more. It is also renowned as one of the few independent book publishing companies in Boston, a rarity these days.

There are quite a number of book publishing companies in Boston for any author to send their manuscripts and proposals to. The key, however, in achieving success is in finding one that harmoniously enmeshes your ideals and expectations with its own.

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