How to Find Publishers for First Time Authors

publishers for first time authors

There are many publishers for first time authors who would happily take your manuscript and diligently work on it if you care to seek them out. Getting a good publisher is usually a major accomplishment for novice writers, however there is also a possibility that you may get turned down by a number of publishers. If this happens do not fret too much as you are in good company. Several reputable authors will tell you that their literally works were rejected several times by different publishers for various reasons. When James Patterson wrote his first novel it was rejected by 31 publishers, on the other hand Mary Higgins Clark’s manuscript took 6 years and a decent pile of 41 rejections before finally getting accepted.

First time authors should conduct some basic research before taking their book to publishers or accepting to have their work done by any publishers. It is important to note that most top publishing companies specialize in certain genres. Some prefer to publish children books while others excel in fiction work. Basically legitimate publishers do not accept everything that is brought to them; most of them also charge a certain percentage (approximately 15%) of what they earn for you. Good publishers will not charge you fees for book doctoring, editing and reading so if you find a publishing agent who begins by asking you for big bucks walk away.

It is important for first time writers to look at titles of books sold in bookstores that might be similar to theirs. You can use the writers market to look around online bookstores to find out who is publishing what. Joining groups such as writers union or other relevant groups that specialize in your genre will be an added advantage. These groups will help you to network with other writers as well as getting helpful information about publishers. Once you have identified a publisher who seems to fit your description and genre study his or her guidelines carefully. If you present a package that is formatted exactly as they require you stand a better chance of reaching an agreement with the publisher. Some publisher will demand that you writer them a proposal that includes a marketing plan as well as a competitive analysis of what is already out there. Make sure that you match their requirements so as to have a good working relationship with the publisher.

Most books sold in bookstores, grocery and drug stores are published by commercial publishers such as Dorrance Publishing house. The publisher offers authors a contract with an advance payment for royalties. The literally agent is paid a certain amount as advance as well as other subsequent royalties. Generally publishers sell books through distributors and wholesalers who sell to retailers. A book retailing for $20 is likely to fetch $9 for the publisher.

First time authors can benefit from the services offered by vanity publishers. Such publishers require the author to pay for publication. Payment may be demanded upfront or on the back end depending on the agreement between the author and the publisher. Vanity publishers are quite ideal for authors who do not desire to be responsible for the entire publishing process. Some books published by vanity publishers for first time authors have gone on to become highly successful while some sell only a few copies.

Technological advancement has broadened the modern market immensely whether for experienced or first time writers. Amazon’s Kindle program, Apple’s Bookstores and E books together with other online avenues might soon outgrow the need for hard-copy books. This process is usually a straightforward procedure where the manuscript is converted into the format required by the publisher and uploaded. The author chooses a price as well as the royalty percentage. Apart from the title being available on the platform offered by the publisher the author is responsible for promoting the book.

Good publishers for first time authors do not come by very easily so writers should gather as many contacts as possible. These contacts are important since you never know when you may require the information as you go along. When you finally strike gold and get publisher willing to do the work for you ensure that you do exactly what they ask you to as long as their demands are not impossible. As an author never get a publisher on your bad side as your work is likely to suffer, when all is said and done choose your battles carefully.

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