The Fundamentals of Literary Agents for Childrens Books

Do literary agents for children’s books really come with great importance? Let me share you my experience. With full conviction, I can definitely say that I always had a knack for writing since my younger years. It became a passion that I wanted to hone more. I wanted to create useful materials through the utilization of my writing skills and it was one of my goals that has always revolved around contributing to society by feeding the young minds with morals. So, that led me towards writing children’s books such as fairy tales with values, workbooks to craft logical thinking and so on. After finishing my manuscripts, I moved forward to finding a publisher that will pursue the necessary steps to follow, from editing to the actual publishing. However, things weren’t as easy as I thought they would be – making me come up to a decision that I should shift to getting help from a literary agent. To learn more about my experience and why a literary agents are great help, continue reading.

Why I Went to Call for Literary Agent Services

So, there I was, set to make three of my finished children’s books for publishing. Before that, I had to create query letters as a matter of introduction of what I had to offer. After submission of the letters, I never really heard back from the publishing company. I had a lot of thoughts in mind. Above all was something negative: Maybe it was ignored and unintentionally thrown in the dumps unintentionally due to the cluster of queries the company may have had in queue that time. So, I finally decided to take a visit to the publishing company – and I was right, my query letters never actually reached the hands of the staff. I was frustrated that time, but then, I couldn’t give up that easy considering the fact that I’ve invested too much time on writing. So, I decided to contact a friend of mine who had successfully published books. He suggested that I asked for assistance from literary agents for childrens books. Due to desperation, I did as he told, which definitely paid off.

How a Literary Agent Helped Me in My Endeavors

To tell you the truth, the agent I hired helped me virtually on all aspects. Why? He had a list of top publishing companies that would definitely give an edge towards putting my authorship on the shelves. Not only that he had a list, he was also known by them, which means it was easier to get the books through. All I really had to do was choose the publishing company I’d like to go for. Of course, considering that he was a connoisseur, I asked him for advice and he shortlisted some of the best publishers that focused on children’s literature. When I finally came up to a decision, the books – were at last – up for editing. In a matter of days after the editorial completed all the necessary polishing, layout designing and so on – the books were published. A lesson I learned there, patience is a virtue and that you should always open yourself towards other options – one of which would be literary agent services.

Tips on Choosing Literary Agents

Writing is a business and so as being an agent. Do you get the symmetry there? It means, having an agent isn’t for free. Not at all. However, you don’t always have to pay money upfront, especially if you are still a beginner who doesn’t really have that much of a capital. Look for an agent that is willing to be commissioned, which means they will receive a share of every sale you make. Also, make sure that the agent has a brokerage license and is accredited by prominent book publishing companies. Additionally, they should know how to go about the most appropriate book publishing process who will be able to assist you with various compliances.

Getting a book published is harder than it seems. However, with the help of literary agents for children’s books, you will have veritable assurance that your works will all be acknowledged, thus, published for the mass. Furthermore, these agents will not only guide you towards publishing books; they will wholeheartedly help bring an edge to your works in the market with their expertise given that there is a tight competition going on.

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