List of Literary Agents for Book and Work Publishing

Not many people are familiar with the term of literary agent, but when they hear the words ‘publishing agents’, then they recognize the terms right away. Literary or publishing agents are just the same. They are basically agents that represent authors or writers and their works to theatrical producers, publishers, and even film producers. They mainly deal with the negotiation and also help in the sales. They can also help with the whole deal with publishers for first time authors or film making planning. Their salary or payment is based on fixed percentage, which is usually about 10% for the domestic sales and 20% for the foreign sales. They represent the clients and they negotiate the overall procedure and stuffs about the deal. There are list of literary agents that are provided to help beginner authors to find the best deal and service.

The role and job of a literary agent isn’t easy. Authors are doing most work concerning the book production while the agent is doing most work concerning publishing or material recreating. Their main jobs are:
– Connecting the author with publishers, including the top publishing companies
– Negotiating contracts and other deals
– Ensuring the payment or the royalties, contracts, and such thing alike
– Becoming a mediator in case there are issues between the publishers and the authors
– Helping the publishing process, including publication, review, and distribution

The tasks may seem simple and easy, but it is not as easy as it looks. An agent has loads of work to do. Sometimes representing an author only has already presented him with loads of tasks, but it is not uncommon that there are also lots of literary agents that are representing more than one authors. They are usually professional in their field and they have done the work for so many years, so they know what to do and expect. Having a literary agent can be very helpful and beneficial because authors can focus on their work. Most authors choose to have a literary agent because they don’t have to worry about the distribution or the continuation of their work. They simply focus on the work and let the agent to take care of the rest. Professional and good agents will be included within the list of literary agents, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find them.

So, how should authors find the literary agent that can help them? Besides looking at the list of literary agents, here are the steps that they can follow:

– Determine the subject of their work. When the author specializes in teen literature or science fiction, there are special list to help them narrow down the search. It is better to choose an agent that has specialized focus in the certain subject.
– Don’t forget to do the research concerning the published production that the agent has handled.
– Check the background, including the numbers of clients handled, new authors that have been represented, how he deals with contracts, marketing, and other stuffs, and the recent sales of the production.
– Write a query letter – one page only – to the agent and wait for about 6 months for the reply.

If he/she is interested, the author should be prepared with the outline and 3 chapters of the work.

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