Learn Powerful Tips On How To Write a Book Effectively

Learning how to write your first book and then publishing it online can seem like a daunting task. Whether you have years of experience in writing books or you have just started this career and you are looking for precious tips on how to write a book fast, you have landed on the right page.

Writing a book can be quite a difficult process if you lack inspiration. Despite what it’s said, the hardest part for most writers is not the publishing one, but the writing part. Getting the right ideas and being inspired is of paramount importance for your success. However, first off, you need to know for sure that you were meant to be a writer. Once you know for sure that you were meant to become a famous writer, the doubt that so easily creeps in will be powerless to stop you from reaching your full potential.

6 Signs you Were Meant to be a Writer

You secretly dream about writing: if you’ve ever fantasized about writing and you have a tendency to drift off to a fantasy land, then you were probably meant to become a highly successful writer.

– You had a childhood passion: did you love writing poetry or small stories when you were young? It has been proven that most passions we had when we were just kids will resurface when we become adults. There are numerous examples of children who end up living their childhood dreams of becoming doctors, nurses, teachers or even astronauts.

– You are talented for figuring out movie plots: there is no doubt that writers think differently than most other men. While everybody else around you is thrilled to see what will happen at the end, you already know the ending, even though you have never watched the movie before. A natural writer is already 10 scenes ahead of the movie, figuring out how the mystery is solved or how the killer gets caught.

– Can’t stop writing: another sign that you were born to be a writer is that you love to write anywhere you are. Whether it’s in notebooks, journals, books, magazines, cocktail napkins, envelopes or in a Word document, you just can’t stop writing.

– You secretly admire talented writers: if you are looking at famous writers and you secretly admire their work and would like to end up just like them, it means you have it in your blood. Who knows, you might become even more famous than they are.

– Writing is a hobby for you: if you write whenever you get the chance, despite a hectic lifestyle with two jobs, a family or a girlfriend, it means you were born to become a writer. If when you are not writing you find yourself wishing you were, that’s an obvious sign that starting to write a book is part of your near future.

Tips for Writing a Book – How to Start

– Examine your Motives

Once you have identified yourself as a writer and you have enough confidence in yourself, it is time to start writing your first book. To begin, you need to first examine your motives. Why do you really want to write the book? Do you want to become loved, famous or rich? Do you value fame and self-esteem more than money, or do you simply have a burning desire to share your story with your audience?

– Make sure you Know what you want to Achieve

To start writing a book, you need to know exactly what you want to achieve. However, you also need to ensure you do not achieve your purpose copying others’ content. You can definitely learn from other authors, but your content needs to be 100 % original. In the end, you might have much better ideas than many other authors or writers out there.

– Choose the Right Topic

The next thing you need to consider is to look for ideas for writing a book. You need to find a hot topic or one that’s of interest for you and start writing. Of course, you need to master the subject and you need to be able to write great content that spikes interest. For instance, if you love to write about mental health and self-esteem, do not start writing a book about having the right diet. Instead, write about psychological methods to overcome a problem, means to overcome fears and tips on having a high level of emotional intelligence.

Now that you know how to write a good book, it is time to take a look at some easy steps that will enable you to establish yourself as an authority in your niche.

Tips on Writing a Book

1. Start Small: for starters, try not to write more than 300 words per day. The well-famed John Grisham began his writing career by having a full-time lawyer job. We used to get up every morning and write just a page, which is less than 300 words. Follow his example and you can succeed too.

2. Work on a Schedule: another aspect you need to take into consideration when starting working on your project is setting a time every single day to dedicate to your book. For instance, if you can focus more in the morning or you have more time free, spend one hour in the morning writing. Other people focus better at night. Do not let yourself off the hook and try to stick to your schedule.

3. Have an Outline: an outline or a table of contents can become a huge help in writing a book. Break up each chapter into several sections and fill in the gaps with your unique story. Of course, you can also start writing the story and only after that focus on creating headlines, paragraphs, sections and chapters.

4. Find the Right Place to Write: writing in a comfortable setting is extremely important. Many writers prefer to go out in nature, where creativity seems to bloom. Make that a very special place to you and you will definitely enjoy long-term success.

5. Seek Help: one of the best ways to become successful when writing a new book is to seek constant help with writing your book. There are many people out there eager to help you write your book. You can also search online for terms such as “help me write my book” or “help me write a book” and you will definitely meet new individuals eager to help you with your writing book project, either for a small fee or for free.

6. Stay Accountable: you can either choose an accountability partner or simply keep yourself accountable. Have a pre-set word count, and think in terms of one thousand word-increments.

– Around 7,000 words: typical eBook

– Between 10,000 and 20,000: a print Book or a longer eBook

– 50,000 words: nonfiction book

– 70,000 words: long nonfiction book

– 90,000: typical novel or fiction book

After you reach a deadline, do not forget to reward yourself in order to keep your motivation at a high level.

7. Stay Motivated: you need to keep your head above the water no matter what. You might reach a “writing plateau” where it seems that all your ideas are gone. That’s when you need to press forward even more and strive for success.

Writing and Publishing a Book – Additional Tips

You might be wondering how long it takes to write and publish a book. Usually, it takes a few months to write a 60,000 words book, and another couple of weeks to publish it. Writing books is not for everyone. However, if you got the talent and you have enough passion, you can make a career out of writing.

Advanced Writing Tips

Apart from the basic writing rules, which include grammar, spelling, punctuation and sentence construction, you should avoid unnecessary storylines. Your book should come as close as possible to reality. In real life, we get to meet people gradually. The same should apply for your book. You can use a prologue and an epilogue to round up the story and make it more interesting, but naturally you don’t need one unless you are planning to launch a sequel.

Do not use complicated words instead of simple ones unless necessary. If you have a favorite phrase or a typo that you tend to repeat over and over again, make sure to replace them with something unique and more meaningful. To guarantee maximum impact for a phrase, ensure it appears one time, maximum twice. If a phrase, idiom or construction appears too often, your readers might get used to it and might not experience the same high when reading your book.

When learning how to write your own book, it is of paramount importance to know how to create dialogues. In a dialogue, it is not necessary to tell which character is speaking. The reader should figure that out by the character’s words and by the mood they’re in. Even if sometimes it might be confusing, that’s even better – the reader will invest more mental energy in trying to figure out who is speaking.

To become successful, try not to overuse certain words such as again, only, just, back or also.

Tips for Writing and Publishing a Book – The Process

Even though writing a book might seem like a tedious task, the process is not that complicated once you learn a few tips. Here is a quick layout of the whole process.

1. Write your Book: we have covered most of the writing aspects above. If you struggle with time management, here is a good article that might help you succeed.

2. Design and Format your Book: one of the most frustrating areas of creating your first book after you have composed the content is making sure it is properly formatted and ready for worldwide distribution. Of course, you can write an eBook rather than a standard book. Publishing an eBook is much easier, and you get much more help than by writing a regular book.

Standard of Fixed Layout?

You should choose the standard ePub format if your book is mostly text and features only small images. Conversely, consider fixed layout if you want to choose a background color, you have many large images, you want your text to wrap around images and you prefer horizontal orientation.


An ISBN is the International Standard Book Number. This unique 13-digit code is assigned to each book released on the market. All retailers use this number to track sales and compile reports. You need an ISBN number for your print version and for your eBook. As a self-published author, you need to look online for ISBN’s for sale. A great place to start is http://www.bookbaby.com/.

3. Distribute your Book Worldwide

If you want to promote your book mainly online, you need to know that publishing on Kindle is not enough. Amazon is definitely the dominant player in the eBook market, but that does not mean there are no other platforms out there. You also need to sell your eBook for Nook, iPad and Kobo, just to name a few. While Kobo is huge in Canada, eSentral is the biggest retailer in SouthEast Asia. The further you reach, the more credibility your agents, editors, fans, bloggers, reviewers and readers will give you.

Publishing Strategies

Now that your book is completed and you know how to format it properly, it is important to take a look at some of the most important publishing strategies. Here are 3 big publishing strategies for long-term success:

1. Set Realistic Goals: if this is your first book published, it is of paramount importance not to be carried away with too ambitious goals. Do not expect immediate success. Moreover, do not write more than 100 pages, or a maximum of 50,000 words.

2. Choose the Cover Wisely: your eBook cover is vital for attracting new readers. Most people will judge a book by its cover, so make sure yours is worth getting the attention of your readers.

3. Appealing Title: not only that the cover should be appealing, but the title should spike interest and grab your readers’ attention.

The Bottom Line

In this article you have learned everything you need to know about how to create and publish your own book. The tips and strategies presented above can be used for both hardcover books and eBooks. Take advantage of the wide variety of publishing and content creation tools available online and set yourself as an authority in your niche.

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