7 Shocking Benefits of Kindle Publishing on Amazon

When we’re talking about the self-publishing world, over 99.99% of indie authors have heard about publishing on Amazon. The largest retailer in the world is not just the best platform for buying physical products, but also the most successful when it comes to help writers with their publishing eBook endeavor.

If you are eager to learn more about kindle publishing and you are ready to take your eBook publishing process to the next level, you have come to the right place. Read on to discover why Amazon publishing goes hand in hand with eBook publishing and continue reading to find out some of the best tools for publishing on Amazon.

7 Benefits of Amazon eBook Publishing

Here are 7 benefits of kindle book publishing on the Amazon network.

  1. Huge reach: Amazon sells more books online that all other publishers and third-party websites combined. If you are promoting your eBook on Amazon, you can reach many more potential readers.
  2. Free to publish: Amazon allows you to publish your eBook free of charge. How cool is that?
  3. It’s quite simple: Amazon kindle publishing is not such a daunting task, especially once you get a hold of it. Once you decide for the topic of your book and you start writing it, the next step involves formatting it and then you are ready to publish your new creation. Kindle publishing has never been easier.
  4. Great traffic generation opportunities: whether you are constantly creating content online, you are a seasoned SEO expert or you are just eager to promote your creation and publish your eBook, Amazon KDP has its own search engine results that are distinct from Google’s.

When you publish your eBook on Amazon KDP, Amazon’s search results index your book immediately and you get to enjoy millions of avid readers waiting to digest your new book.

  1. Passive profits: the Amazon eBook publishing platform enables you to enjoy recurrent, passive income. By passive I’m talking about the fact that once your eBook is uploaded on the platform, there are few things you should do to get a sale.If the eBook is properly optimized and the heading + cover are appealing enough, your readers will come pouring in. That will enable you to enjoy a passive stream of revenue. Simply put, any of your eBooks can continue to generate income for months to come without additional updates or work.
  2. You get more money back: with Amazon publishing, you are actually getting 70% of the profits if the price is lower than $9.99. Otherwise, you are only getting 35%. However, that is much more than what other publishers are offering. Other publishing houses only give you 20%-25%.

One other great aspect about Amazon book publishing is that you don’t necessarily need to write a whole book to make profits. A short story or an article can be sold with just $0.99, and you get 35% back.

  1. Massive brand awareness: one last shocking benefit of kindle publishing on Amazon is that you are putting your book in front of millions of potential customers. You have the sheer opportunity to introduce your brand, blog or product to hundreds of thousands of prospects who might become your clients and promote your brand for free.

Just think of all these amazing opportunities that come with publishing a book on Amazon.

How to Publish on Kindle – Practical Steps

– Write your eBook or story with wild abandon and with an exceptional creativity.

– Revise it thoroughly.

– Run your final product past a critique group and ask the opinions of experts in your field.

– Revise your eBook again based on the feedback you have just received from your beta readers or critique group.

– Talk to a reputable freelance editor who is professional enough and willing to correct your eBook and pay him to make a revision.

– Design a professional, eye-catching book cover or go on upwork.com and hire someone to help you out.

– Publish your eBook on Kindle Direct Publishing: add a description, choose from several photos, write a unique bio and add a photo with links.

– In the meantime, start building a strong social presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, author blogs, organizations and writers’ groups.

– Start to promote your eBook actively and read this article: http://crimefictioncollective.blogspot.ro/2013/11/thanks-amazon-for-promoting-my-books.html

Tips on How to Publish a Book on Amazon – 5 Free Services

In order to help indie authors promote their fiction, romance, poetry or comic books, Amazon has decided to offer 5 extremely helpful tools. They are all free. Here is what you can use to capitalize on this new trend of publishing on kindle.

  1. KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing)

This is the best service offered to kindle publishers. KDP uses mobi format, which is recognized by all Kindle devices. Conversely, all other digital retailer still use ePub. In case your book is in PDF or ePub format, you can use Amazon’s free conversion tool available on KDP and convert it into mobi.

  1. KDP Select

This advanced version of the standard KDP is perfect for authors who need 90 days of digital exclusivity. In return, you enjoy higher royalties and your eBooks is added to the library for Prime Members. You also get the option to sell your eBook for free for up to 5 days and offer discounts for up to 7 days.

Just like KDP, KDP Select is free of charge.

  1. Amazon Associates

This is Amazon’s affiliate tool that pays you big cash for linking to products and services offered on Amazon.com. Use Amazon Associate’s link when promoting your eBook to earn an extra 5-7% for each sale.

  1. Create Space

This is Amazon’s print-on-demand service specially designed for worldwide indie authors. You can use this free service to sell a paperback copy of your eBook, link to a digital version of your eBook and add extra offers to entice readers to choose you over your competition.

  1. Amazon Author Central

To self publish on kindle like a pro, you have to use Amazon Author Central. This is your hub, your central point of interest. With AAC, you can create a complex author biography page, share your blog’s RSS feed, feature your latest tweets and even promote your upcoming book-selling or speaking events.

Your AAC author page appears on every eBook you have on Amazon, extending your reach and enabling you to enjoy a huge stream of new customers.

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