Learn the ABCs of Indie Publishing

Indie publishing can also be termed as self publishing which is becoming more popular with the shift of the power of publishing from the publishers to the authors. With the advancement of technologies during last few decades, the face of publishing has been transformed a lot as they have allowed the authors to become indie publishers of whatever they write.

Today, the authors can write a book and collaborate with others to design, publish and market it in a different manner than traditional ways. Today self publishing has become a legal method to introduce a book to the market authoritatively.

How Indie Publishing Works?

On one hand, some of the authors research and coordinate alone every aspect to complete and publish their book.  On the other hand, some authors find indie publishers to publish their work. The indie publishers accepting submissions earn profits by making upfront investment on publishing books of other authors. They gain profits by investing their peace of mind, professional services and industry connections to publish and market the books of other authors without bothering them to do anything.

Reasons to Go For Indie Publishing

Everyone cannot be an indie publisher but many authors who want to introduce their books to the market as soon as possible can become independent publishers. They should go for indie publishing for three main reasons like:

Freedom: As indie publishers many authors get freedom to publish their books as per their schedule. They are empowered to write whatever they want, edit it, design it and publish it without any binding of traditional publishers.

Control: The surprising fact about the indie publishers in Los Angeles is that they have all the rights of the book they publish. You need not buy the rights of a book like traditional publishers but still you own every aspect of your book, from top to bottom. Even after publishing of your book you still have the right to make changes in it as self publisher.

Fastest way to print and market your book: Publishing a book and marketing it in traditional manner can take long time to accomplish the task. You may or may not be able to publish your book in a traditional way as sometimes it is hard to find a publisher for this purpose in New York City. Moreover there are many uncertainties in the acceptance of your book by the readers.

But like several independent publishers in NYC, you have all the control on your book. You can publish it whenever you want and can edit it, as per public demand to increase its traffic, after publishing it yourself.

10 Must-Know Facts about Indie Publishing

In order to be successful in indie publishing you must know some facts about this new-age publishing trend. You can be one of the successful indie publishers by knowing about its working more precisely. Some facts are provided here under to help you in this regard.

1. Indie publishing is complicated: Though indie publishing provides you freedom to publish your book but the lots of decisions you will have to make in this entire process make it more complicated. Like other independent publishers you will have to make a number of decisions ranging from the size of the book to designing its cover page to the platform to be used for the publishing of your book, which is not easy for an unprofessional publisher.

2. Indie publishing is simple: But even after so many complications independent publishing is simple and straight forward as you need not wait for the nod of the publishing house to which you have sent it for publishing. Moreover you need not hire an agent to represent you while bargaining with the publishers for the advances and royalties. Indie publishing provides you a platform and marketing tools to publish your talent and market it effectively.

3. EBooks are the future of self publishing: Most authors like to publish eBooks as they are easy to sell than traditional books due to their low prices. The cost of traditionally published books is much higher than eBooks. Moreover you can publish and sell as many copies of your eBook as you want without any additional cost at all.

4. Self-publishing is legitimate: Earlier this fact was not true but today it is the reality o this field. The availability of better printing options makes the self published different from traditional books, which has increased their clientele much more than expected. Moreover self promotion by the authors of the books is becoming more and more important these days.

5. Increase competition: Though independent publishing provides freedom to the authors to publish their books whenever they want but it will also increase competition among them because of availability of lots of books to the readers. But still you can survive in this field by writing the books more skilfully and meeting the fellow writers to learn more skills in this regard.

6. Design of book cover is important: Though every aspect of your self-published book is important but the design of its cover is more important as it attracts the visitors to read it. So you should make an intriguing and wonderful cover of your book to attract as many readers as you want.

7. Your goal should be realistic: According to various experts the authors are usually excited about the results of their while publishing it independently. But they may not get distressed if their goal to make money through it is reasonable.

8. Marketing is more important: Though indie publishing provides you freedom to print your book as you want but its marketing is more important to earn profit from it.

9. Requirement of team of experts: The availability of indie publishing facility is not enough to publish a good book. An author requires an editor, copywriter, designer, photographer and several other professionals to publish a really good and profitable book that can attract more readers for you.

10. Indie printing is fun: You can enjoy for fun of publishing your book yourself as you can relax and imagine for its great success.

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