Useful Tips On How To Get A Book Publishing Deal

If you are a new author, you could be excited about the prospect of showcasing your writing skills by having your book published. However, this is not an easy job because for new writers in particular this could be a harrowing experience because of various reasons. Hence it is quite normal for new authors to find out ways and means by which they can find answers to the question how to get a book publishing deal.

There are quite a few resources available in the internet and other sources of information and therefore if one is focused and moves in the right direction there could certainly be the required information available. However, it cannot happen overnight and there are a number of due diligence processes to be gone through. Here are a few important points to be kept in mind which could answer the question how do I publish my book.

Are You Clear About Your Genre Or Core Area Of Competence

To begin with you must be very clear about your core competency area and then get started. You cannot just wake up one morning and get into the finer points which answer the question how to get a book published. You must make up your mind whether you are planning to pen some memoirs or you are more at home writing about fiction, suspense thriller, and crime stories and so on. Without this being firmly in place, you may not be able to get a move on and would find it difficult to make your own books.

Are You Sure Your Book Will Sell

Even if you are new writer you have to be reasonably sure that the work which you are going to publish will have enough buyers. Unless this is ensured it is unlikely that you will be able to get the right publisher. You will be moving around in circles and might be spending more time finding answers to the question how to publish a book for free. Instead a better option would be to pay the publishers and see that you are able to sell the minimum threshold limit to break even. The first few books which you author and publish will help you to spread the word around about your quality as a writer. Hence, you must keep this point in mind while going in for authoring and publishing a book. The cost to publish a book is not affordable to say the least

Do Not Look To Complete The Book

As a first time writer, it is quite likely that you would be impatient to complete the book which may not be the best way forward. In order to get a publisher, it is enough for you to write a few chapters and show it to your publisher. They would like to see your potential as a writer and if satisfied they will be perhaps able to answer your question how do you get a book published quite easily. However there could be some other publishers who might ask for a full manuscript of your entire work before getting into some commercial deal with you. But it would be better to start off with a few chapters and move forward as both you and the publisher are able to vibe well and trust one another.

Look Into The Possibility Of Hiring Ghost Editor

If you are stuck up with your work, as it might be quite common, you must not lose hope. You must try and hire a ghost writer. You could write the work and show it to a professional writer. They will be able to go through your article and given their experience and expertise which they posses. They will be able to answer the question how to get a story published successfully the first time.

Importance Of Quality

Whatever is the type of book you are planning to pen and then publish quality is of paramount importance. While the quality of your work would depend on your skill set as a writer, you must be sure that you must know exactly to get the right answer to the question how to get a book published with quality publishers. This will stand you in good stead even though you may not make much money during the first few publications. While there is nothing wrong in trying get some positive answers to the question how to get a book published for free you must never compromise on quality both as a writer and as a publisher. Compromising on quality will be sure case of being pennywise and pound foolish.

Make Use Of Social Media

The importance of social media cannot be ignored when you are planning to foray into the field of book writing and publishing. You must find out ways and means by which you can make use of this medium to the best possible benefit. There are many instances where struggling writers and authors have suddenly hit the jackpot just because they were able to understand the importance of social media and make intelligent use of it. Hiring a professional digital marketing professional could also be worth considering because of the benefits they can offer.

Be A Member Of Many Likeminded Communities And Organizations

It also would be pertinent to mention here that word of mouth place an important role as far as successful publication of books is concerned. Hence you must make use of the various communities, both online and others as effectively as possible. It certainly will be able to answer the question how to publish your book successfully.

Decide Whether You Need An Agent

In today’s highly competitive world, a majority of successful books are published because of the active role played by agents. Hence it may not be a bad idea to look for some experienced and successful agents. They are without any doubt experts when it comes to helping you to publish a book successfully. They are well connected with many publishers and therefore will be able to push your new book more effectively then you perhaps can.


Hence at the end of the day, while publishing a new book is not easy, it is not tough either, if you do your ground work properly. You must take an informed and knowledgeable decision which will certainly stand you in good stead.

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