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We live in a day and age where writing articles has become more of a necessity than a hobby. Many book writers do not start out of passion, but because they need a job or they love the idea of becoming famous. Truth be told, very few writers have kept their creative mentality and have started writing books just for the sake of it. That’s why it is paramount to become a top-notch writer, one who is creative enough to exceed all expectations and stand out head and shoulders over other writers.

You can actually become that writer you’ve always wanted to become. Good book writers are still alive today, and you can put your name in the elite top of fame of the best writers out there. You can become that book writer everyone else envies and looks up at him, saying: “Man this writer is really good. I would love to be at least half as good as he is. I will definitely read all of his books.” Becoming a writer that leaves everybody else astounded and creates ripples in the society requires hard work and an enduring spirit.

The Recipe for Success

According to the top writers out there who have sold tens of millions of books and have yearly earnings of billions of dollars, the secret lies in the following 7 components. If you have these, you will definitely get to enjoy a resounding success. Here they are:

  1. A strong passion: to become successful, you desperately need a high degree of passion. We as people have been created to be passionate about certain things. The things we are passionate for are also those things we love. For instance, if you are passionate about gaming, you will enjoy spending 5 hours a day playing LOL or WOW. On the same note, if you love surfing, you will eagerly wait for June 2016 to arrive and to experience the thrill of new surfing season.

You need to have a strong love for writing. You have to be passionate about telling a unique story and about making your readers fall in love with your work. If you can’t find the passion, do not worry – it will come in time. However, you can also use various techniques in order to get that passion you need. Here are 10 powerful methods to rekindle your passion and find enough desire to become a top-notch writer:

  1. Prose

You need to devote yourself to the most important aspects of content – reading, writing and sharing. In order to become a world-class ebook writer, you need to start by reading a lot. You can’t have imagination and creativity without reading new content on a regular basis. Start reading novels in the same niche as yours. For instance, if you are planning to write thrillers, read more thrillers than love stories or fantasy novels.

Once you read several good books, start to create your own text. Lastly, share what you create. In addition to reading, writing and sharing, you need to know how to communicate with your clients with ease. For this, you have another three essential items: people, platform and pre-promotion.

  1. Purpose

To become a writer, you need a strong purpose. You need to assess your personal, publishing, literary and community goals and then focus all your efforts on meeting these goals. Without a clear purpose in mind, it would prove almost impossible to become one of those good book writers that manage to take their audience by surprise and create increasingly better sequels.

  1. People

Another element of success is people. A professional publisher is more than able to outsource his success by establishing win-win relationships with committed, engaged and passionate communities of people who like you, trust you and enjoy all of your books. In the end, using your passion to serve other people is the key to a happy, fulfilling life, where you write out of passion.

  1. Pre-promotion

To be successful, you need to be able to promote your work accordingly. Test marketing your work in order to know for sure if you are going to be successful. Click here to discover more juicy information about pre-promotion

  1. Professionalism

A professional is higher than a simple indie author. To be professional means to have a positive perspective about publishing and to build your own brand. To accomplish this, you need to maximize your ability to be creative and to innovate. Make the most out of the technological advancements and establish yourself as an authority in your niche. Do not forget that you are a life-long learner, so do not start with the idea that you are the best and you know everything. Even the best don’t know everything.

Conversely, do not fall in the trap of minimizing your potential. Do not think that no one will buy your book or that you won’t be successful. Don’t sabotage yourself and you will definitely succeed.

  1. Perseverance

Probably one of the most important keys to your success as a book writer is perseverance. You can’t afford to lose your focus and falter. Having courage, discipline, patience, a well-designed plan and long-term perspective enables you to simplify your life, celebrate your victories and better yourself.

In order to become a top-notch author, you need additional help. Here are a few very important strategies to help you become that famous author you’ve always wanted to become.

Advanced Strategies on How to be a Writer

  1. Get an Agent

For starters, you need to find an agent willing to help you out. However, the problem here is that most agents want to work with people who have published before. As an indie author who has never wrote a book or has only written a couple of ebooks so far, you have low chances to finding an agent. Nevertheless, agents work with new authors who know how to market their ideas.

I’ll admit that it is not that easy to get an agent, but with enough skill and perseverance you can do it. Agents usually act as a filtering system that differentiates inexperienced publishers from experienced ones. Agents always look for well-written manuscripts and ignore poor written books. Here is how to find an agent.

The first step in finding an agent to help promote your book is writing a great novel. Make it original, choosing an exciting plot and designing interesting characters that have their own lives and think for themselves. Proofread and edit over and over again to ensure you have zero mistakes. It goes without saying that your new novel should have correct punctuation, page numbers, no spelling or grammatical errors.

Remember that you are competing against both respectable authors who have already made a name for themselves in their niches, but also against new authors who are extremely creative and have great content.

The second step in finding the right agent for you is researching literary agents. Spend some time online and in the store, looking at the writing/publishing section. Find books that list agents and offer addresses or phone numbers. A good book is, “The Insiders Guide to Book Editors, Publishers and Literary Agents” written by Jeff Herman.

Since most agents won’t just take unsolicited manuscripts, you need to write a great query letter. If an agent likes your letter and the story you describe, he will ask to see your manuscript or just a part of it. Either way, you would have gotten his interest by now.

A query letter is like a door for your success. It can either open up new opportunities for you or close them. It all depends on how well you write it. Here are some ground rules for a perfect query letter:

– No longer than one page.

– Should include your name, address and phone number.

– Should describe your previous experience (if any).

– Should be addressed to a personal agent, not to more or to agencies.

– Details on other books similar to yours and why yours is better.

– Some reasons you want to work with this particular agent.

– Quick summary of the story in the book.

Here is a sample query letter that could prove invaluable in your efforts to becoming a writer:

  1. Find a Publisher

After you have found an agent, you need to find a publisher. When choosing a publishing house, you mustn’t base your selection solely on money. You want the editor you will be working with to like your work and believe in yourself. If the editor is passionate about your work, he will do your best to promote it, and money won’t be a problem.

  1. Use the Right Writers Software

Good software for writers can make the difference between a successful sales campaign and an unsuccessful one. Once you read a few books for writers and you end up writing your own, you have probably realized at this point that your book is not selling by itself. That’s why you need to use the best software out there to promote your books or eBooks.

Here are some websites that contain helpful resources to indie writers: a very comprehensive blog that contains precious reviews of the best books that have hit the market recently, together with unique contests and opportunities. Subscribe to the opportunity alert and win prizes at the best contests for indie authors. a powerful blog that teaches you how to become a world-class author in no time at all. this is where you will learn how to get the attention your book deserves using creative strategies. Training authors trains new authors for success. Here you will learn a lot about writing your book, self-publishing books and book marketing. another interesting blog that offers tons of information about blogging, book writing and book marketing.

There are many other precious resources and software on the Internet that can guide you on your path to success. However, we’ll let you discover them by yourself. To make things complete, we need to study the most important methods to promote your book.

How to Promote your Book – Affordable Tips & Tricks

– Start early: probably the most important aspect of the promotional process is to start as early as possible. The promotion process should start long before the actual book writing. Start building a network of supporters and build expectation among them regarding your book. Pay attention to those who demonstrate a genuine enthusiasm for your book and give them something back in return – a free copy of your book, signed by you.

You can also throw parties for key moments of your book – such as its completion, the launch, 10,000 books sold.

– Start your own blog: it is imperative to have your own blog if you want to become successful as a writer. You can add helpful insights and information on your blog in order to entice people to buy from you once that moment arrives. Write short blog posts every day of inspirational information about your book and about the characters in your story.

– Capitalize on the power of web forums: probably the best way to promote your book is to find the forums your future readers like to mingle with and promote your book. Contribute with meaningful information, less salesly and more meaningful. Do not forget to put a link to your website or blog in your signature to direct potential readers to your “main hub of creativity”.

– Create your own media kit: once the book is released, start to create a compelling media kit. This should include a head shot done by a professional photographer. Make sure your eyes sparkle and you inspire confidence. Additionally, a media kit should include:

– A maximum 150 words biography: the main purpose of your biography is to tell your readers why you are qualified for writing this book.

– Business cards: do not print them on your home printer, but ensure you go to a professional printing service agency. Do not go cheap with these, as you invest in your future.

– One-sheet description of your book.

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