Getting A Literary Agent For First Time Authors

Getting a literary agent for first time authors may seem like a daunting task. First time authors who are not experienced in the process of shopping their book manuscripts around may be uncertain about the steps they need to take in order to get one. Literary Agents normally are only necessary and required for fictional novels. While there are many reputable literary agents out there to get in contact with that will do a great job of trying to sell your book, you also have to watch out for fraud literary agents who claim they will sell your short stories or poetry. Reputable literary agents do not deal with short stories or poetry except for maybe as a favor to an already established author. Read on to learn how to get a literary agent as a first time author.

Researching Your Literary Agent And Following Up

The first thing you will have to do when looking to obtain a literary agent is to look some up. Doing your research online and searching through what literary agents are available will allow you to compile a list of potential candidates. You have to research your literary agents before submitting any manuscripts to them. This will help you weed out the scam artist, who are not out so much to steal your hard penned work as to convince you that they are professionals. These types of people are amateurs and con artists that are simply looking to try and sell your work and come in between you and your money. Check and double check any literary agents you are considering in order to ensure that they are legitimate agents with the publishing contacts and know how to publish a book.

Researching a specific literary agent will also help you when it comes to selling your book manuscript and getting an agent to work for you. Agents are far less likely to consider you as a client if for instance, they deal with mostly selling fantasy scripts and you are an out and out horror writer. They are going to put a lot of time and effort into selling your manuscript, so why should they work with someone who has not taken the time to research their specialties? Likewise, when contacting an agent, do not send out a mass produced email. Take the time to tailor the email to the agent as an individual. Doing otherwise shows your lack of interest and attention to small details, which are likely to make the agent think you will have the same approach to editing your novel and thus be a project client with little reward.

Sell The Agent On Your Project

When contacting agents through email, make sure that you are not sending a group email but a singular email to an agent. Agents like to feel valued and special too, and even though they will make commission on your novel if they sell it, you also have to sell them on yourself. Finding a literary agent for first time authors takes some energy, and authors who tailor their communications to the recipient are more likely to succeed. Start with a friendly greeting, a little bit about yourself, and then proceed to describing why you would like to work with this agent in particular. Let them know why you think they would be a good match for the project. Include examples and reference some of their past work. Putting an individual touch on each query will make you far more likely to be noticed and intriguing, and secure your first literary agent.

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