Dorrance Publishing Company- Is It a Scam Company?

A lot of ruckus has been subjected to the Dorrance Publishing Company for quite some time. With a bevy of writer-friends and as a writer myself, I took the liberty of accumulating reviews, feedback, and other Dorrance Publishing scam write-ups so as to find what really is the real deal behind this publishing company. As an aspiring writer yourself, you might have questions on whether all these Dorrance publishing warnings and scam reports are true or not. To give you a clear idea on what goes behind the curtain, here is what I got from personal experience.

How Dorrance Publishing Company Works?

Before we delve on the processes and services, it is important to note that Dorrance Publishing Company is primarily a vanity publisher, or a subsidy publisher. This means that it charges a particular fee to the author for a book or a literary piece to be published. This BBB-accredited publishing company has a menu of services on its plate to offer to their writer-clients. From the actual publishing (whether digital or print) of books, it also provides a plethora of sub-services such as designing, editing, distribution, and marketing.

Dorrance vanity publishing style works in the same way as other vanity publishers. It accepts manuscript from writers, poets, and other literary geniuses regardless of their current stature. Whether this is your first book ever or this could be your one-hundredth book it does not matter. Once you submit your manuscript, a dedicated team will review it. You will receive feedback as soon as assessment is complete. Once the manuscript is accepted, they will then send a detailed proposal to your end. All the publishing details and perks will be outlined on this proposal. A breakdown on the cost will also be included along with the proposal. If you accept the proposal, you will be asked to return the signed contract along with the stipulated first or down payment.

Keep in mind though that Dorrance Publishing Company does not accept libelous, pornographic, racist or hate literature materials. The publishing company still has every right to reject any work that they believe is not aligned to their vision. You also do not have to go through the tedious process of applying for copyright before sending your manuscript to Dorrance. When a book is published by them, two copies of such will be filed at the Register of Copyrights (Library of Congress) bearing your name. All materials submitted to the company are also published or used by them with the author’s permission.

As for earnings from a published book or a literary material, authors who have signed with Dorrance Publishing will receive a percentage of the retail price as stipulated on the contract. To amp their sales proposition, your literary material will also be promoted via a comprehensive marketing program that includes a press kit, a digital press room, search engine marketing, Google Book search, online news releases, industry trade directories, online retailer listings, bookstore outreach, and direct mail. Some contracts may also carry certain customization in terms of promotion as the author is deemed right for his creation. A publishing services consultant is at your beck and call to discuss this matter to suit your concerns.


Amidst some Dorrance Publishing warnings, it is important to note that the publishing company has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since its inception. This only means that it is a reliable company to trust years of hard work done building your story or prose. Aside from reliability, you are also bound to enjoy the following perks when publishing via Dorrance:
*Time-Tested Reliability. Though there persist certain issues tagging the company as a Dorrance Publishing scam, its presence in the publishing industry for years can speak for itself. Dorrance has provided a lot of comprehensive efforts to publish books and literary pieces from writing wannabes. Many writers who have difficulty finding established publishing houses in the past were able to “go the distance” with Dorrance.

*Personalized Approach. Once a contract is signed, you will be working directly with a full-time, full-service project coordinator. This is the beauty of Dorrance publishing. Not only will it guarantee sales perks, it also ensures that your final manuscript is carefully managed to suit your taste and that of your targeted readers. You will also have a dedicated representative to assist in promoting your book to ensure sales revenues.

*Customized Book Publishing. You have all the freedom to customize everything on your book. From binding type to illustrations, page size, and so on. Once your manuscript has been accepted, the contract signed, you and your dedicated project coordinator can outline the production specifications and set the time-frame for its completion.

*Flexible Payment Systems. Think about interest-free installments. Dorrance ensures that aspiring writers do not bear the brunt of costly publishing services.

*Manuscript Completion Assistance. For those having a hard time completing or structuring their manuscript, Dorrance Publishing also extends a helping hand. It will help you in the book development process. It can provide manuscript writing services for those who have a hard time finishing their work.


Like any vanity publishing, however, Dorrance can be a little pricey. You might easily compare their services to self-publishing entities prolifically being marketed online today. You need to remember that publishing a book though always come with a price if your intention is to sell and make a profit out of it. For projects that doesn’t require much marketing or profiteering such as memoirs or compilations of your favorite recipe, or starting a lifelong tradition with friends and family, vanity publishing is one hassle-free option to pursue.

The Verdict

There are two reasons for people to publish a book or any literary piece. One is for professional reasons while the other is for personal gratification. If you are trying to publish a great literary art with thousands of copies to sell in mind, I would recommend that you steer clear of the pricey route of vanity publishing like Dorrance. Unless you are a nonfiction writer or have direct access to your readers like in lectures or forums, Dorrance Publishing style can be quite expensive. For those who are after the quality of their books to publish, however, the dedicated services of Dorrance can prove to be advantageous.  Feel free to read more Dorrance Publishing reviews on the internet and decide for yourself.

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