Christian Literary Agents – How to Pitch Your Manuscript

A Christian literary agent is a person who primarily represents Christian novels, spiritual books, inspirational books, Christian non-fictions and many more. The main function of this Christian literary agent is to sell your book to the publishing company. Generally these agents cater to the Christian market solely where as some agents handle a general range of other books also. These Christian literary agents have years of experience in the publishing field and act as mediators between the authors and the publishers. They also undertake to negotiate contracts and ensure that the author gets appropriate royalty payments. In short a Christian literary agent guides an author through every step of the way to publish a book successfully.

Who is a Christian literary agent?

A Christian literary agent is a professional who represents an author and his Christian literary work. His major duty is to find the best way to publishing the book keeping the clients interests in mind. A good agent is a person who can help you to develop your book, has good contacts in the publishing industry and help you to procure the highest advance and royalty. A Christian literary agent can also help you sell an unfinished Christian book, manuscript or non-fiction to the publishers based on the table of contents, outline and a sample of the proposed chapters.

How to contact Christian literary agents to get book publishing:

1. You have to write an effective query letter that pulls the attention of the literary agent and inspires them to read the book. Hence put in all your effort and draft a query letter because an engaging and enticing letter can go a long way in making a big difference. The very first paragraph should grab the attention of the reader, explain what the book is about and then sum up the essence of the whole book.

2. Attend writers’ conferences that are help in your city as this will provide you with an opportunity to meet and interact with Christian literary agents.

3. Create an informal relationship with the Christian literary agents by interacting with them through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Remember this is not the place to pitch your book but to strengthen the relationship ties.

4. Keeping networking and interacting with other authors also because even a small referral from a writer friend can help you procure the services of a reliable Christian literary agent.

5. Use the internet. Type the word “Christian literary agent “and you will end up in numerous results along with their contact information.

6. Make it a point to visit the local book store or the library and check out for the various books that provide listings of the Christian literary agents. These books are published yearly and hence the list is updated annually.

7. You can also join the writing group in your neighborhood where you get a chance to meet up with the other fellow writers in the industry who tend to share information on a regular basis.

8. Make sure to attend the Christian conventions that are held in your city. A perfect place to pitch your projects is at these conventions.

9. The two ways of approach to contact potential literary agents are by snail mail and email. Some literary agents accept email query but some do not like to be queried through their personal or business email address. If you know that the literary agent accepts email queries make sure to keep it brief. Also make sure to personalize your email queries to specific agents. Do not be generic. Do not send just one mass email as they may not be interested to respond. If you opt for a snail mail make sure that it comprises of a one page query with a self addressed stamped envelope.

10. You can also mail a synopsis or a sample chapter along with the query. This will help the literary agent to evaluate your writing skills.

11. In case of first time authors it is advisable to be persistent and not to lose hope if they face with a few rejections. They should keep trying before they land up with the right Christina literary agent.


Once you have completed you inspirational book manuscript the next step is to locate a Christian literary agent to represent your project. The literary agent that you choose should help you in landing your book in the hands of a good publishing house.

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