How To Submit Manuscripts To Christian Book Publishers

Even though a manuscript consumes a substantial amount of time for the writer, Christian book publishers also take lots of risks especially when making investments in the work done by an author. Even though writers may not receive the sweeping rejections from the publishers well, there are a couple of procedures that need to be followed by a writer who is seeking to make a manuscript palatable for publishing companies.

As the initial step, a writer should consider visiting a number of bookstores around his area and make inquiries regarding book fair dates since such events present writers with unique opportunities to meet publishers for first time authors such as Raider Publishing and Publish America. If possible, you should request to be provided with a list of the publishing companies that will participate. Bookstores also in most instances have a separate list of the bestsellers. This is beneficial as it gives you an insight into the type of genre and content that will instantly sell. It additionally provides essential information regarding companies which carry out the publishing.

The next thing you should do is to attend any of the book fairs, a signing or launching event. Holding interactive sessions with the publishers will prove very effective more so if you want to know their requirements including what they are searching for in manuscripts. If an author has an adequate budget, then it is a good idea for them to print business cards. The cards will help a writer gain sufficient exposure and leverage with the publishers. In addition, you should prepare several questions which you will ask the companies because the book affairs make for busy affairs for the book publishers.

The third procedure involves conducting research about several Christian book publishers that were present at the event you attended. It is a good idea to begin with those that are most likely to take on your project. The web offers a fantastic way of doing this. Information pertaining to profiles of publishers as well as their requirements about manuscript submission will often be provided exhaustively on their websites. Furthermore, the internet additionally makes available useful resources for authors. These are beneficial as they provide the details about the industry of publishing.

Afterwards, an aspiring author should start packaging his or her manuscript based on the criterion demanded by top publishing companies like Bethany House and Tyndale House Publishers. These comprise of a cover letter which provides background details of a writer including the reason for writing the literary work. The other part of your package needs to include the synopsis plus the chapter summaries. Last but not least, you should provide a short excerpt or sample chapter of your book. Such a package is meant to heighten the interest of the publishers.

The final procedure involves submitting your manuscript. It would not be of much value to handover your book to publishing companies in person. This is because the chief editors will require a couple of days for going through it before making a decision. Literary agents if used can expedite this final stage since they have connections with the Christian book publishers. Training opportunities and conferences also offer the authors an opportunity to learn what is required of them.

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