The Book Publishing Process- Everything You Need to Know

For an aspiring author it is very important to know and understand the book publishing process. First time authors may have an idea for a book but lack the knowledge of transforming the idea into a published book for others to read.

With the advanced technology the opportunities to write and share your work with others has become easy and viable. There are mainly two book publishing process to choose from which include traditional publishing and self publishing.

Traditional Publishing

Traditional book publishing involves book publishing companies. The publication will buy the rights to publish your book and pay royalties from the sales. You do not have to invest financially for getting your book printed, the publisher handles the distribution, marketing and warehousing for your book. The first step for traditional publishing is to find the right agent depending on the category for your writing. For non-fiction you must submit a book proposal which must include three sample chapters with synopsis in each chapter and for fiction a complete manuscript must be submitted. Once you are ready with your written material you must write a query letter stating synopsis of your book, chapter summary, target audience and a description of yourself.

Self publishing

In self publishing you are the sole decision maker and investor. You will have to produce, market, distribute and warehouse the book yourself. This is a time consuming process but may prove to be more cost-effective and profitable.

One can go for any of this book publishing process to publish their book. For the novice or first time authors it is important to understand the steps which are detailed below.

Steps for publishing a book for first time authors

Get the content right

If you want to be a successful author then the most important aspect is to have quality content. Before you get your book published go through your content again and again and make sure that it the topmost quality you could write. You should proofread it multiple times yourselves, read it loud, share it with your family and literary friends to get their response and finally take services of professional editor. Editing is really important in completing a book as it can take the content of your book to a totally different level. It is better to spend some additional money in editing to get better long term results. Quality will speak for itself. You may be able to get initial jump start if you spend a lot of money in marketing and promotion but if quality is not good, it will not help in long term.

Get the right cover page

First impression of the book will be formed with the cover. Having a unique, attractive and catchy cover page can add a lot of curiosity and instigate people to buy and read the book. You may have written a great book but it will not be sold unless it is not visible and known. The cover page of the book is a very important factor in selling your book irrespective of whether you are going for traditional paperback edition or ebook. Go for a professional cover art even if it means relatively higher investment cost. The more interest you are able to generate by the cover itself the more your book will sell.

Find an agent or publisher

For the first time authors it is better to go with a literary agent or directly to a publisher as they can not only help in publishing but as well as other aspects like editing, design and marketing. You need to understand your genre of content and research to find out who are the best agents or publisher in that space. Example if you are writing a book related to Christianity than instead of normal book publishing companies, you can look for Christian publishing companies. They will have better input, experience to take your book to the right market and audience.

Market your book

Publishing the book is only half the battle one. The remaining battle is to make your book known and market it. Most of the book publishing companies will help you to market your book to the right audience through the right channels. However, with the advanced technology, latest gadgets like smartphone and tablets, and social media you can also boost marketing of your book. Use all available channels to promote your book like social networking sites, emails, and blogs. Provide some intriguing excerpt from your book for download so that it creates curiosity in the mind of people to read your book. Share free copies to some reviewers and ask them to put reviews of your book online.

If you are a newbie and do not have a lot of budget initially, you can opt for self-publishing a book. You still need to invest mandatorily in editing of the book as well as cover however few additional tips for self-publishing are given below. For marketing you can still use all the free channels available (social media, emails, blogs and many more).

Get ISBN Number

ISBN is International Standard Book Number which is a unique number to identify a book. It is not mandatory to get ISBN to sell your book yourselves but as you would want to sell your books through various libraries, bookstores, distributors, retailers, online stores and more channels it is better to get ISBN. For selling through above channels ISBN number provides a standard way to identify any book.

Publish an ebook as it is easy to create and distribute

One cannot ignore the love for traditional physical paper books by serious book readers, but ebooks have created their own niche and writers also have focused on creating ebooks also to cater to varying needs of their readers. This has also created an additional channel for their book sale. With the schedules of people getting busier people are opting for an economical, user-friendly and eco-friendly ebooks as they can keep many books in their smart devices like iPad, Kindle, iPhone and many more. There are renowned book publishing companies which help you to also self-publish your ebook. There are Christian publishing companies also which helps you in self-publishing your book.

Whichever book publishing processes you are opting for, whether it is traditional or self, book publishing companies can really help first time authors with their experience. So if you are serious about writing and would like to make it a profession then it is better to go through publishing companies with proved credentials.


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