Book Publishing Companies in Atlanta- Know The Right Publishers

If New York is the city of artists, Atlanta prided itself for being the haven of book publishing companies both online and brick and mortar ones. Try to scan for information on the publishing companies in Atlanta and you will get more than a handful. Of course, this should not come as a shock as the city has always been considered one of America’s largest economic hubs where corporate bigwigs are lodged. Entertainment is another industry deeply entrenched in the area which, in return, provides an access to the burgeoning of the publishing media. Truly, Atlanta is a booming city and has stayed that way ever since. It also holds an approximately 43% of educated workforce making it a perfect haven for book publishing encompassing various categories and genres.

For the past years, however, more and more writers are becoming more enamored with the sweet promise of self-publishing and other online publishing schemes. So many aspiring writers who find themselves amiss with assistance on publishing their literary masterpiece bank on these services. However, there are quite a few who still remain steadfast on their faith in some noteworthy brick and mortar Atlanta Publishing companies.

For many aspiring writers, the number of Atlanta book publishers can be overwhelming. It is no secret that having a literary piece published requires efforts and money. Self-publishing schemes may sound too easy but still it can be fraught with risks. Because of these risks, writers lean on BBB-accredited book publishing companies in Atlanta to work on their manuscripts. Here are some notable Atlanta-based book publishers that has continually earned the trust of many aspiring writers in the US and the rest of the globe.

*New Hope Publishing

When it comes to highly personalized publications, New Hope Publishing in Atlanta has always delivered topnotch service to their clients. This small printed publications expert aims to deliver professional and well-designed literary and printed pieces. Since its inception in 1995, New Hope Publishing has continually been one of the most trusted Atlanta book publishing companies. It relies on personalization of services by reaching out to their clients and keeps their loyalty intact over the years. Aside from books, it also specializes in printing of invitations and announcements, B2B printing, promotional/bargain products, electronic publishing, and other print services to suit the wide-ranging needs of their clientele.

*Pritchett & Hull Associates, Inc.

When it comes to health and wellness, and other medical-related book publishing initiatives, Pritchett & Hull Associates is the name that comes most trusted in the Better Business Bureau. Established in 1973, this publishing house in Atlanta has printed and distributed a humungous collection of educational materials concerning health and wellness, patient education, medical works, and other printed materials for health care and the likes. Its main focus is patient education material publishing.

*Booklogix Publishing Services Inc.

Another popular Atlanta-based publishing house is BookLogix. Catering to both online and offline clients, this full-service publishing house has continually earned a distinction in providing great support to aspiring writers as well as established authors from around the country and the rest of the globe. The company prided itself with highly professional and dedicated teams that work alongside authors in developing qualitative books and literary materials. From fiction to non-fiction, business and self-help, cook books and culinary pieces, photobooks, coffee table books, children’s books, manuals and workbooks, and many more, Booklogix offer wide-ranging services to discerning authors according to the publishing standards of the Chicago Manual of Style. The publishing house provides a dedicated project manager to work alongside an author. This gives the author a comprehensive assistance in publishing the book they want every step of the way.

*Innerlight Publishing

For black, LGBT and women, one of the most prominent book publishing companies in Atlanta is Innerlight. Owned and run by a female of African-American descent, this company is dedicated to printing books by black, women and LGBT authors. It also extends its services to different backgrounds and genre with focus on spiritual motivation and self help. The publishing house’s aim is to deliver books from talented authors to inspire and motivate readers to do better or to rise above their circumstances. This Atlanta publishing company imbibes an “author’s publisher” theme wherein the book’s creator/writer has to work alongside the publishing team to deliver more profound results.

As mentioned, there are quite a bevy of book publishing companies in Atlanta. Most of these companies often offer the same types of services to cater to your needs as an author. Keep in mind though that every publishing house has a “specialty”. As such when choosing an Atlanta book publishing company, it is imperative to always rely on the ones that can cater to your specific genre or niche.

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