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Most writers dream of getting their books published. That’s the reward they get for spending sleepless nights to come up with their story in writing. To most writers, publishing their books means the whole world to them. It actually means that their story will reach their readers all across the world and they will be able to share part of their story with them. Too many, getting their books published is like a miracle, but before anyone decides to venture into the world of writing, then he or she needs to know some of the best publishers in the market today and how they operate. Here is a list of top book publishing companies that any author should consider working with:

‘Oxford University Press’ (OUP)

Oxford university press is the largest university press in the whole world. This publishing company has actually been operational since the 15th century. It mainly publishes scholar books (reference books) as well as academic journals. For instance, it’s the press behind the publishing of ‘Oxford English Dictionary’, ‘Oxford History of The United States’ and ‘Oxford History of England’ as well as a series of other reference books.

‘Simon and Schuster’

Founded in 1924, Simon and Schuster is one of the most renown book publishing companies that is based in New York, USA. This company is part of the CBS corporation and is known for printing books like ‘The Aladdin paperbacks’, Howards books and pocket books as well as several of other book imprints. One of its popular imprints is the ‘Charles Scribner’s son’ that was found in 1864. This book remains to be one of its famous publications even in this 20th century.

‘Farrar, Straus and Giroux’ (FSG)

This publication company was found in 1946 in the US, New York. It is commonly known for publishing high quality literature books. It has actually published different books for 21 Nobel pricers winners in Literature as well as two different winners for Nobel peace prize. similarly, it has also published several literature books for ‘National Book Award’ winners together with those for ‘Pulitzer prize’ winners. Its authors include Herman Hesse, Elizabeth Bishop, Eli Wiesel and Philip Roth among others.

‘Random House’ Publishers

This is the largest book publishing company for English language trade book. Found in 1927, Random house publishers has been prolific in acquiring new imprints and divisions as well. It’s also the company that published ‘Random House Dictionary of English Language’. This book publishing company has its headquarters located in Mid-town Manhattan in New York. Its divisions include ‘Everyman’s Library’, ‘Alfred A. Knopf’, ‘Crown Publishing Group’, Vintage and more. First time authors that might want to work with them can contact them through their website,

These are some of the top book publishing companies that are in the market today. If you’re a beginner in writing with a full knowledge of what ‘book manuscript format’ entails, you can contact any of the companies for the publication of your work. You are, however, advised to develop your skill and come up with a story that can stand out and get the attention of an agent and editor first before you can proceed and look for a publisher.

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