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Book Design  Templates

Book Design Templates is a new program, website and tool created by Joel Friedlander to solve an emerging problem among indie authors – getting an industry-standard, good looking book that sells using a Word processing program. Because of the challenges publishing a new book stirs, most authors today have decided to take the publishing aspect into their own hands, without trusting anyone else. However, all these authors do not want to compromise the aspect of their books, so they want to stay away from making all those “newbie” mistakes that make their books look terribly bad when compared to books created by traditional publishers. That’s why they need a software to guide them along the way.

This is where Bookdesigntemplates.com comes in. Using the ready-to-use templates made specially for Microsoft Word, first-time-authors can now create amazing books without the high cost of professional book composition. Joel Friedlander is the one responsible for bringing this innovative tool into the indie publishing world. Together with Tracy R. Atkins, he has managed to change the face of book publishing permanently.

Book Design Templates Review – Let’s Meet the Creators of this Tool

Joel Friedlander is one of today’s leading experts on self-publishing and a prominent figure in the book designing industry. Joel runs his own blog, the well-famed www.thebookdesigner.com, the place where thousands of authors from all over the world have had the honor of being equipped and helped to create astounding books that stand out of the crowd and are loved by their readers.

Joel is well known in the publishing and advertising world, having written tens of articles that have appeared on dozens high-quality sites and written publications. Some of his best articles and publications include “Author Blogging 101”, “Book Title Pages: 500 Years of Inspiration”, “Five Free Must-Use Tools for Professional eBook Authors” and “10 Ways to Get an Early Feedback on your Manuscript or Book Idea”. You can view all of his articles listed in categories here: http://www.thebookdesigner.com/articles/.

Joel is also a sought-after motivational speaker who has been invited to hundreds of conferences and seminars all around the world. As the author of the reputable tool “A Self-Publisher’s Companion”, Joel has helped many authors to understand the huge importance of education in indie publishing. Joel is also a co-founder of the Self-Publishing Roadmap, a powerful course that offers the best practices, tools and strategies to publishers who want to publish their books as fast as possible, with a minimum financial investment.

Tracy R. Atkins, the second author of Book Design Templates, is a highly certified technical expert with over 15 years of experience in designing templates using Microsoft Word. His experience has made Tracy become one of the best professionals who can simplify even the most advanced technological process and transform it into a simple tool which can be successfully used by the average Joe.

Together, Joel and Tracy have managed to design a tool that can be used by any author who needs to bring something new to the table. The vast collection of book cover templates offered in this program can make your book stand out and even become that best-selling publication you’ve always wanted to have.

What is Book Design Templates all About?

This online course is actually a 55-pages instruction manual that contains plenty of useful information about each type of template you can use, explaining why certain templates are better in some circumstances. If you use Microsoft Word to write your eBook or manual, this piece of software is simply great.

Each template includes the cover, table of content, back page, header, footer, titles and headings. All you need to do is to cut each element and paste it into your manuscript. You can use the templates both for eBooks and hardcover books. Best of all, you can experiment with each template. This software lets you enjoy a wide range of design options.

With this book layout software things get even better than that. The authors of this course offer full support. You can ask your questions 24/7 and you will always receive consistent support from the team behind Book Design Templates. In this day and age, top-notch customer support is an extremely important factor in differentiating good services from the best. For instance, here are some questions about this software answered by the team led by Tracy R. Atkins and Joel Friedlander: http://www.thebookdesigner.com/2013/02/top-7-book-design-templates-questions/.

If you do not have time to read these questions and find the answer to them, I will list here some of the answers which are part of this Book Design Templates review. First of all, you can insert your own images, photos and graphics into the template. This makes each template a great foundation for publishers who love to work with rich imagery. You can find a wide selection of templates specially designed for novels, fiction, non-fiction, narrative, memoir, thriller, paranormal, historical, romance, contemporary romance, poetry, classical, technical, educational and even picture book.

The only platform supported by this software is Microsoft Word, so you won’t be able to use it on Open Office, Libre Office or other platforms.

Book Design Templates Review – Pros

– Very Easy to Use: using this software is a breeze. Instead of trying to come up with your own design in order to stand out of the crowd, you can use a ready template for your book. All you have to do is to follow the instructions guide, insert your text and your book will be ready.

– Handcrafted Design: each template has been created after extensive hours of brainstorming and ceaseless work. Every single template can perfectly balance ease of reading with typographic beauty, offering a superior aesthetically pleasing experience.

– Solid Build: each unique template has its own interior pages, running heads, pre-installed section breaks, footer, header, page number, and everything else you might need to create an award-winning book.

The Bottom Line

Designing a book with Book Design Templates has never been easier. You can now utilize this book cover template tool to create your unique book that will sell amazingly good, both online and in stores. Order Book Design Templates now and transform your existence.  Click here!

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