Flipping Through Some Of the Best Self Publishing Companies of 2015

Independent minded writers are often on the lookout for lucrative avenues to unleash their creativity and accumulate more returns. With the advent of new technology, self-publishing takes center stage as a smart, if not smartest, choice for writers. Apart from being cost-efficient, it is also relatively fast and royalty-savvy. Conventional publishing avenues often curtail a writer’s control over his book or any printed material. With self-publishing, he or she can maintain control on all publishing process and gain more freedom at it. Though, it has grown in demand over the years, it has also faced certain challenges. To give us an idea, here’s a quick look at the 2015 best self publishing companies, what makes them tick, and how to make good use of this easily accessible opportunities.

10 Best Self Publishing Companies 2015

When planning to self publish, here are some of the self publishing companies notably in demand for the past year.

*Lulu. This automated self-publishing company caters not just to self-publishers but to other businesses and publishing companies as well. It operates in varied ways as a publishing company, a co-publishers, a printing and publishing service provider, as a self-publisher’s tool, and as a tech company.

*Outskirts Press. This company caters specifically to self-publishing authors via print on demand services, digital distribution, and online-order fulfillment. It also offers editing, illustrating, formatting and cover design as well as marketing services for authors. It even has a personal marketing assistant program to focus on your needs.

*Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. For e-book authors, Amazon’s KDP is the way to be. This self-publishing platform is based on the Kindle format and promises zero start-up cost. It also offers an online interface to help start the process, collate and maintain titles you’ve published, and monitor sales of your published items.

*Apple iBookStore. Tech giant Apple sself-publishing iBookStore is one of the many marvels in today’s technologically advanced society. An aspiring writer can directly publish his or her book on this virtual bookstore either for a profit or for free. All you need is an Apple ID to go through the process of publishing a book on your own.

*iUniverse. This small self-publishing company is quite renowned due to its first-hand publishing of Amy Fisher’s memoir. Today, it has blown to become one of the most sought after self-publishing service company.

*Llumina Press. A small self-publishing service company, Llumina Press is a closely-knit “boutique press” style publishing. It is renowned for its high editorial standards and often accept exceptional work only.

*Author House. This relatively small self-publishing company is quite popular for its print-on-demand business model and technology. It delivers both e-book and paperbooks.

*Blurb, Inc. If it is creativity and complete independence you want, this self-publishing platform allows you to do everything on your own sweet time. From creation to self-publishing, promotion, sharing and selling, Blurb provides useful tools to assist in the book-making process, whether print or e-books.

*Wheat Mark. Though a popular book-selling platform, Wheat Mark is still considered one of the small self-publishing companies that offers editing, publishing, and marketing for discerning authors. It also provide promotional tactics that enhances sales and traffic to your book with the use of technology and the Internet.

*Xlibris. A popular printing and distribution services for hardback and paperback books, it has also become a stronghold in self-publishing after its acquisition by Author Solutions, Inc. 2009. It offers self-publishing services from thousands of authors globally on both standard paper and e-book formats.

Top Advantages of Self Publishing

One significant aspect in self-publishing is the cost. There is no doubt that publishing a book can create a huge dent on your pockets. To starving writers, free self publishing services such as Amazon can be a breath of fresh air to keep their creative concept survive in a cutthroat industry. Some of the best publishing companies like CreateSpace and Lulu also offer wider distribution reach giving your book a change to be distributed at the least cost possible. Established publishers may have the experience and clout, but self-publishing gives you the ultimate freedom to showcase your talent without having to go through a “middleman” thereby limiting your opportunity. This sense of independence give you the freedom to set your own agenda and artistic direction. With no publisher to push you around, you can ditch the usual pressure of meeting dreaded deadlines as you will be left on your own accord.

Additionally, self publishing also cuts the amount of waiting time in getting your book out there. Once you have completed your piece, you are free to publish and distribute it without having to go through the bureaucratic scene of old-school publishing. This also leaves you the disappointment of being rejected.

For tech-savvy individuals, self-publishing is definitely a more lucrative deal. They can easily build its popularity by linking it to their social media profile, website or blog roll to increase awareness, attract more traffic, and appeal to a wider set of target market. The best part, you get to keep all the profit and royalties should your piece will be a hit.


Self-publishing means doing things on your own accord. Independence, however, is a two-gilded sword. One wrong move and your piece can easily go down the drain long before it reaches your intended market. The key is to go through the process with concrete plans and caution. Publishing a book on your own is no easy feat. Unlike experienced and connected publishers, you are entirely left on your own. However, this should not limit what you can achieve. With talent, clarity of your goals, discipline, and hard work on your side, there is a high chance that you’re bound to get through it all unscathed.

The Verdict

Self publishing companies have come a long way. Though more and more authors and avid writers are clawing at it, it cannot be denied that self-publishing has its merits and drawbacks. There are a lot of factors which come into play when thinking of choosing this path. It could be about the subject matter or the target readership or on your perspective of how “involved” you’ll be with the whole process of publishing. In all these, however, the aid of the above-mentioned best self publishing companies can be greatly enjoyed for someone who aspired greatness in this highly competitive world.

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