Submitting Your Publication to Bantam Books

Bantam Books has been in existence ever since 1945. They have helped launch the careers of various writers and authors over the years to finally get their first book published and growing. They are one of the most successful publishers for non-fiction and adult fiction books. This publishing company has a wide range of books to offer, and plenty of writers go to them to get started in their careers. Submitting your book to them to possibly get published can be a wonderful way to get started as an author.

Submission Guidelines

Submitting your manuscript of your book can be done by mailing it to the Bantam Books company. Mail it in to the following address:

Random House, Inc.
1745 Broadway
New York NY 10019

This is quite exciting for some people because it can be the first step to finally get your book out there and receive feedback from a publishing company on what they think of your book. It will be helpful to consider this company above others because of their professionalism and ability to guide authors on the path to success.

Why you should submit to them

– Experience

You will find that setting up your book from a company like Bantam can be quite a great way to grow your name. They know how to promote the books they publish and get them out there in open and in the eyes of their readers. They have been in business for longer than 60 years, so they seem to know and understand what it is like to have a wide range of books on the shelf. They also have plenty of books that have reached the New York Times Bestseller List. You can easily gain the right recognition from the Bantam publishing company.

– Broad Audience

They have a broad audience that can help bring your book out there. So many people have developed their brand, name, and their books development because of the help of this company. There is a broad set of people who have joined this big group publishing company, and you will find their audience to be more than capable of helping you to grow in so many ways. Since they do have a broad audience, you do not have to worry about them not accepting your book in a certain category.

What are some of the top publishing companies?

You will find that one of the best companies aside from the Bantam publishing company is Dorrance publishing. They offer people with top of the line publishing services, and a long list of people have used this company to kickstart their book business. These two publishing companies are very successful and can help anybody build anybody’s book to grow. There are plenty of people who have struggled to get their book on the shelves over the years. They key to getting a respected publishing company to publish your book is to simply do your best on submitting their books as often as possible.

Tips when submitting a book

The biggest thing that you really do need to remember is that you should always consider creating a really good manuscript and keep your book on topic. Make a story that is interesting and unique. Be sure to consider looking for ways to help improve your overall book. Submitting a book can be hard because you may never know when your book will be considered for publishing. It can take a lot of time in order for you to really understand how to submit a book correctly. Submitting a manuscript to any book company can be a bit tough to do. All it takes is a matter of time before you actually get your manuscript accepted and considered.

Bantam Books is the best company that you can ever use. They are one of the best publishing companies to submit your book to if you happen to own a book in the categories that they focus on. You should always consider looking into buying a good book that is actually worth buying. Bantam Books can offer you the chance to actually get your book out there. The key to succeeding is to really know what you are sending them and to submit your best possible manuscript.

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